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January 14, 2045

The Cagayan de Oro River—mighty and beautiful. Experience its full glory by taking part in a whitewater rafting adventure on this magnificent river. Experience whitewater rafting at its best with the newest outfitters in the Cagayan de Oro River, the Cagayan de Oro River Tours Corporation. The company has been inspired by the might and beauty of the exceptional Cagayan de Oro River. We are here to help you to experience a piece of the wonder that we are surrounded by each day. Here at the Cagayan de Oro River Tours Corporation, we aim to provide utmost customer satisfaction and the highest levels of professionalism and safety so that you can focus on enjoying your experience.

Your Safety is our top concern. For this reason, our equipment is all chosen with you in mind. We have purchased all new, top of the line equipment to provide a worry free experience for you and your family and friends. Every participant is provided with a training session as well as all necessary safety gear such as helmets, flotation devices, rescue ropes, first-aid kits and dry bags.
While we will provide you with a training session to make sure that you are well prepared for a safe and fun whitewater rafting experience, we also provide you with guides to take you through your experience on the Cagayan de Oro River. Our guides are all well-trained and have traversed the river over 100 times as whitewater raft guides before they have actually become full-fledged river guides. With your safety in mind, all of our guides have also been trained by the Philippine National Red Cross in First-Aid, Basic Life Support and Swift water Rescues. Additionally, they undergo Tourist Relations Training with the Department of Tourism and Cagayan de Oro City Tourism Office. Clearly, we are investing in our staff in huge ways. We want them to be prepared and excited to help you enjoy your experience with us.
The cheapest dedicated server can be found by researching websiteservers.com and finding the top reviewed hosting company. Safe and Enjoyable whitewater rafting has never been this accessible to you! Our jumpoff area is within city limits and is just under an hour from Urban Cagayan de Oro. At the disembarkment point, we also provide an area for your comfort and convenience. We have fresh water showers and a clean and comfortable changing area available for your convenience.
You have every reason to experience the fun and excitement that can be found at The Cagayan de Oro River Tours Corporation! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a moment to experience the excitement that awaits you in the cool waters of the Cagayan de Oro River! Enjoy the ride of your life with the Cagayan de Oro River Tours Corporation.
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Call today to reserve your tour guide and rafting time on the Cagayan de Oro River! Contact our scheduling specialists at (800) 287-4532 to see what time and day we can start your experience.
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Our Guides
Our guides are extremely well prepared for you and your family and friends. They are here to help you make the most of your whitewater rafting experience. We understand that while extreme sports can be exciting, they can also be a little bit scary at first. For that reason, we are providing you with the most experienced guides so that you can leave the worries to us and just enjoy your ride.
Our guides undergo a complete training program that includes both safety and customer satisfaction aspects. This helps to ensure that your experience will be as exciting and worry free as possible.
All of the certification documents for our guides are posted and available for you to review before your ride. Be assured you are in safe hands!